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Mike Wagner is a 30+ year broadcasting veteran interviewing the most interesting guests from celebrities, actors, singers, writers to the most interesting people today! Mike is currently a weekend host on KFYR radio in Bismarck, North Dakota playing the greatest songs of all time every Saturday from 6-10a and Sundays from 2-6p Central time . Tune in to KFYR AM 550, KFYR.COM, 99.7 FM, and iHeart Radio. You can also listen to the Mike Wagner Show on SoundCloud, Spreaker and Spotify.

Past Podcasts

Billy Craig (Singer and Guitarist- Brownsville Station-Smokin' in the Boys Room) interview from 11-8-18, talking about his recent projects (Psychdelic Station) , some new country/ rock material, his experiences with Brownsville Station, and a great story involving headlining a famous act.

Joshua Alexander (Seattle Voiceover Artist) interview from 11-5-18, talking about how he got started in the business, where he can be heard, and the numerous projects he's involving with.

Wesley Eure (Actor- Land of the Lost) interview from 10-28-18, talking about his role as Will, his experiences, and many other projects.

Kathy Coleman (Actress- Land of the Lost) interview from 10-28-18, talking about her role as Holly in the iconic show from 1974-77 and latest books.

Phillip Paley (Actor- Land of the Lost) interview from 10-28-18, talking about his role as Cha-ka in this 70s classic and experiences on the show.

Frank Piombo (Legendary New York Area Jazz Guitarist) interview from 10-25-18, talking about his amazing career while winning numerous awards, his many great releases and the story behind the making of his great masterpieces.

Lisa Wilcox (Actress- Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 5, Dream Master, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) interview from 10-4-18, talking about her new projects and what's coming up next.

Nadine Emrich interview from 10-3-18, discussing her single "Breathe" and her movies including "Sweet Cider" and why she made the transistion to singing.

Brad Server interview from 10-3-18, talking about his ventures with The Stooges. Not only does he serve as an ambassador to the hilarious threesome on autograph shows, tours and other ventures- he is also the great grandson of the late Curly Howard.

Barry Pearl (Actor from the movie Grease 1978- Doody of the T-Birds) interview from 8-28-18, talking about his role in the iconic film with John Travolta& Olivia Newton-John, looking back at the 40th anniversary of Grease with great memories, plus his latest ventures.

Vaughn Suponatime (Frank Sinatra impersonator) interview from 9-24-18, talking about his career and keeping the legacy alive.

Jeffrey Breslauer (Actor, Writer and Muppets Puppeteer) interview from 9-19-18, talking about his career, how he got started, and what it was like working with the late great Jim Henson.

Gary Lee Cavagnaro (Actor on The Bad News Bears- Mike Engelberg) interview from 9-19-18, discussing his role as the foul-mouthed catcher Engelberg and life after the Bears in a great way.

Cleo Bowling (Actress) interview on from 9-19-18, talking about her aspiring career and what's next possibly for Netflix?

Sam Kwasman (Actor) interview on from 9-17-18, talking about a duck he helped made famous, great stories on his career, plus he will ruffle your feathers with his duck tales.

Ron Dante (Singer of the Archies (Sugar Sugar) and producer for Barry Manilow) interview from 9-13-18, talking about his great career and what it's like to work with legendary singers and a producer of many plays including coming up about a former Presidental couple.

Jon Provost (Actor- Timmy in the classic TV series Lassie) interview from 9-13-18, talking about the iconic program, what's it like working with the cast, his current projects, plus you'll be amazed about his causes.

Perry Lang (Film Director of 1941, 3 Men Out and many others) interview from 9-12-18, talking about his new movie "An Interview With God" and his upcoming project based out of India.

Steve Bluestine (Comedian- The Tonight Show and other major venues) interview from 9-12-18, talking about his career, his book "Memoir of a Nobody" and his experiences with Donna Summer, Barry Manilow, Diana Ross and more.

Brandon Crane (Actor- The Wonder Years and the cult classic "It") interview from 8-30-18, talking about his career, his experiences and about currently being on the road with a special reunion of members from the classic Stephen King horror release.

Eric Morris (Atlanta-based Actor) interview from 8-30-18, talking about his career and what's next.

Eric Schuett (Actor) interview from 8-30-18, tallking about his great international career and his upcoming projects.

Barry Papick (Actor- CBS Without a Trace, Shameless Labor Pains (with Linsdey Lohan) , Private Parts (with Howard Stern), the Hallmark Channel and many more) interview from 8-29-18, talking about his career, appearances in shows, his classes, how to get into the business, tips and advice, plus his experiences working with great actors.

Bertram Gibbs (Author who once appeared in the 1976 classic King Kong) interview from 8-26-18, talking about how he got into writing after a diverse entertainment career and his latest book currently on ACX Audible and Amazon.

Tammy Locke (Actress of the Monroes) interview from 8-26-18, talking about her career as a child actress and how she got to be a roller derby girl.

Allan Gitlin (Comedian AKA "The G-Man") interview from 8-20-18, talking comedy and making you laugh.

Eddie Deezen (Actor- Greasse 1941, the Polar Express, Dexter's Laboratory and more) interview from 8-11-18, talking about his great career and being a lifelong baseball fan!

Sandy Helberg (Actor) interview from 8-20-18, talking about his career with Mel Brooks and his upbringing including his story on how his parents and grandparents survived the Holocaust.

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